If you are concerned about a student's language skills, please refer to the Intervention Planning Team (IPT).

    If you are concerned about a student's speech (articulation) or fluency skills, please contact me. Below please find a general guideline for appropriate referrals:

    /k/ age 3½ -4 or kindergarten

    /g/ age 3½-4 or kindergarten

    /l/ age 6-7 or 1st grade

    ch age 7 or 2nd grade

    sh age 7 or 2nd grade

    j age 7 or 2nd grade

    /r/ age 8 or 3rd grade

    /s/ age 8 or 3rd grade

    th age 8 or 3rd grade

    Please document how the student's speech difficulties are impacting them academically. If the student's speech errors do not place him/her at an educational disadvantage, the student will not be a candidate for speech language therapy. The following is an outline of what you can expect during the referral process:

    • I will provide you with a permission form which must be signed by the parent.
    • When I have received the signed permission form, I will pull your student into the speech room for a screening. Both you (the classroom teacher) and the parent will be informed of those results as quickly as possible.
    • If the student is in need of intervention, they may be placed into the Speech Intervention Program. The anticipated duration of this program is 12-15 weeks during which time the student is seen on a weekly basis for intervention. Students are expected to complete daily practice assignments at home. During this intervention period, the student's progress is documented.
    • If the student makes progress, there is no need for further intervention from the Special Education Department. These students may require classroom interventions or further practice at home but would not require Special Education Services to continue to progress.
    • If the student makes no significant progress, an evaluation would be warranted.