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    E-mail address: Cami.McClellan@husd.org
    Phone Number: (480) 279-7369 
    Office Hours:  by appointment

    Education: AA Business
    Brigham Young University-Idaho

    BFA Art Education
    Arizona State University

    MEd Educational Leadership
    Northern Arizona University

    "Believe there is good in the world."

    Higley High School has been my home for over 10 years now and I have grown to love this school, the students, faculty, and community that Higley offers. I am proud to be a Higley Knight.

    I fell in love with Ceramics my senior year in High School and loved to throw on the potter’s wheel. It was relaxing, fulfilling and something I felt like I was good at. I have been working on my Ceramics skills ever since, through college, community course and my own research throughout the years on both throwing and handbuilding. It is my passion to be able to make and create new things with my hands and to see what I can create. I love the challenge and the reward that comes with it.

    My students will learn about both handbuilding and throwing construction methods in class. I am excited to share my passion with my students and hope that they will also find Ceramics as something to enjoy.

    My classroom is set up for the student. It’s their space to learn, explore, create and maintain. Through my experience in teaching others about art, I have learned that creativity can look and feel very different for each student, but no matter what the end results looks like, it’s the creative process that allows us to be free to learn about ourselves, other cultures, our abilities and experience the inspiring and engaging creative process. We can all produce art to share our experiences, ideas, feelings and beliefs.

Last Modified on July 19, 2019