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    Applied Technologies Syllabus

    Mr. Burke


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    Course Description

    This course focuses on technology as a tool to enhance the educational experience. Students in Applied Technology will study a diverse range of computer applications/programs as they apply to educational use. Course content includes presentation, creation, design, and communication media tools, internet research and exploration, website development, and digital media (audio and visual). Advanced computer operation, troubleshooting, network usage, and advanced media concepts will be addressed. Students with a strong technology interest and above average skills are encouraged to participate in this class. Evaluation is based on effort and project completion.  Applied Technology meets every school day for the first Semester. Assignments will vary depending on which lesson we are engaged in and are as real life as possible, as relevant to each individual as possible and as varied as possible to appeal to different learning styles. The assignments are broken up by lessons and subjects (listed below), and will include, but are not limited to:

    Introduction to Technology- Students will understand how technology applies to almost everything they do in their daily lives.  They will also understand how technology can affect them in a positive and negative way.

    Computer engineering- Students will understand how this field integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science to develop both hardware and software

    Civil engineering- Students will understand the professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including work like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

    Renewable energy- Students will be introduced to a verity of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and hydrogen energies.  They will participate in a solar energy pilot program developed by the University of Arizona.  The U of A program is a hands on lesson based program that shows student the benefits using solar energy in the deserts of Arizona.

    Arduino Cirtuitry (with programming)-Students will understand how circuit boards power and work electronic components.  They will use virtual software to create parallel and series circuits using virutal resources like wires, LED's, buzzers, and servo's.  They will then apply the knowledged learned from the virtual world and apply it to creating a simple electronic devices using an Arduino UNO board and releated resource materials.

    ***Success in "real life" depends on doing your job in a timely and professional manner and is also a part of getting a good grade in this course.


    The attendance policy for this class follows the guidelines set for Sossaman Middle School. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain work missed due to absence. Only students with an excused absence will be permitted to make up work.  You may consult the instructor or other classmates to obtain missed assignments and notes.  All notes, PowerPoint’s and vocabulary terms and definitions will be posted on my teacher web page.  If a student is absent on the day of a due assignment, test, or quiz, he or she will be required to make up that assignment the first day back.

    Assessment and Needs

    It is a requirement to have a flash drive with you each day. This will be used to back up all of your project work throughout the semester. Although you will be graded throughout the semester, you will need to keep each assignment, so that it is available AT LEAST on the school server. There is no assigned textbook for this class.  Students will receive assignments and information via handouts, internet articles, and other media. A NOTEBOOK is required for this class.  Students will be responsible to collect data and make notebook entries on all lessons.


    All lessons and assignments will be posted on my teacher page under designated thumb tabs (notes, assignments, homework).  If a student has missed an assignment he will have two school days to make up said assignment.  After two days he will be deducted  half a letter grade every day the assignment is not submitted.

    Grading Breakdown

    • Grading is based on a total points system. Assessments will count for 80% of grade, Classroom, homework; Participation will count for 20% of grade. Missing work, agenda’s, assignments, class materials (notebook, pen/pencil, ruler, etc…) will result in a PRIDE STAMP.  If student receives a pride stamp the will be responsible to attend RESPONSIBILITY HOUR after school

    Grading Scale:
    A: 100%-93.5%
    A-: 93.4%-90%
    B+: 89.9%-85.0%
    B: 84.9%-80.0%
    C+: 79.9%-75.0% 

    C: 74.9%-70.0%

    D: 69.9- 60.0

    F: <59.9%


    RE-DO’s and RE-TAKES’s


    Students may re-do assignments within 2 weeks of due date to receive full credit. 

    Students may re-take assessments by the end of the quarter/unit. 

    Students may not re-take assessments if they have missing assignments. 

    A re-do/re-take form, signed by the parent, must be completed prior to re-do.




    If you need extra computer lab time you must make an appointment with Mr. Burke to visit the lab.  I am available:

    Mornings: Monday through Friday, 8:00am- 8:35.

    These lab times will be by appointment only- please email JohnJ.Burke@husd.org  or speak to Mr. Burke about reserving your spot.




    After school detention may be assigned due to missing materials, assignments and tardies as determined by the teacher.  Written notification will be sent home with students to be signed by the parent and returned the following day.  If the form is not returned, discipline action by Administration may occur. 

    Cheating/Plagiarism school policy:


    "Intentionally using information from or property of another without permission to obtain an unfair advantage or receive a grade or score that was not legitimately earned" as per Higley Code of Conduct.


    Minimum consequence- Verbal warning, parent contact, possible loss of credit.


    Maximum consequence- 1-2 days ISS/OSS, possible loss of credit.

    To be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to me not later than Friday, July 29th, 2016

    Classroom Behavior

    • Students are expected to work quietly during project time. Talking and group work will be permitted at certain times as long as it is not distracting to others.
    • No Gum, food, or drinks.
    • No electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, Nintendo DS, etc…
    • Disrespect/ misbehaving when a substitute teacher is present will warrant a consequence.
    • Students must be THROUGH THE DOOR when the bell stops ringing. NO SKATE BOARDS OR SCOOTERS ARE PERMITTED IN CLASSROOM.
    • Classroom discipline will follow the rules as explained in the student/parent handbook (daily planner)
    • Raise your hand to talk
    • No talking while the teacher or others are talking
    • Have fun
    • Students are expected to treat everyone in the classroom, as well as classroom materials, with respect. This is a NO BULLY ZONE.

    Computer Misuse

    See the student handbook excerpt listed below. Failure to follow this rule will result in loss of computer privileges, etc. "Access to the Internet will be for specific educational purposes only, such as researching a specific topic for a classroom project. While on the Internet, students should stay focused on the topic they are researching. Students are expressly prohibited from using the Internet and computer resources to:

    • Access, upload, download, or distribute any material that violates violence/harassment or respectful behavior policies, or is for personal use
    • Internet plagiarism
    • Transmit obscene, abusive or sexually explicit language
    • Violate any local, state, or federal statute
    • Vandalize, damage or disable the property of another person or organization
    • Access another person’s materials, information or files without the implied or direct permission of that person
    • Violate copyright laws, or otherwise use another’s intellectual property without their prior approval or proper citation, including the downloading or exchanging of private software or copying software to or from any school computer; or
    • Use for unauthorized commercial purposes and/or financial gain of the user. "

    Consequences include/but not limited to:

    • Individual warning,
    • Loss of Internet and/or computer privileges
    • Loss of credit involving internet/computer activities
    • Referral to administration for additional discipline

    ****NOTE: Videos rated PG or lower will be shown at various times during class. Whether

    from Youtube.com, or DVD format. If there is a problem with this talk to Mr. Burke asap.


    I, ____________________, have read and understand the above information and accept the above conditions. 

    Signature: ____________________________________________                        Date:_____________________________



    I, _______________________, have read and understand the above information and accempt the above conditions.


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