Important Information!

    The Homework Binder

    • Your child will bring their homework binder to and from school every day. This binder contains the monthly newsletter, homework assignments, important concepts, helpful parent tips for math/reading and behavior chart.
    • The inside front pocket will be for work that needs to go home. Please help your child empty it every day unless it is something that needs to be returned to class.  
    • If you would like to send a note or money with your child, place it in this pocket and it will hopefully make its way to us! To make sure your note gets to us, just email! J  
    • Each day the daily behavior will be monitored and represented on the HUSD Calendar inside of a sheet protector. Your child should complete the homework assignments on the monthly homework calendar.
    • Homework binders will be checked periodically to ensure communication is being relayed appropriately between home and school.
    • Along with the daily homework, it’s highly beneficial to spend 10-20 minutes reading alone, aloud or being read to by an adult.
    • Feel free to practice the first grade concept sheets which are located in the sheet protectors in the binder. Examples: sights words, letter sounds, phonograms, hundreds chart, and skip counting practice.

    Behavior Plan

    Student’s behavior will be monitored on a vertical “rainbow” chart. The students will begin on green each day representing that they are ready to learn. The students will then be responsible for moving their clothespin for positive recognition and opportunities for improvement. They will then be responsible for marking their behavior color in their binder on the weekly homework/ behavior paper at the end of the day. If the color is below green, the teacher will mark it in their binder and may write a note to the parent with an explanation of the behavior.

     Red- Outstanding 

    Orange- Great job

    Yellow- Good day

    Green- Ready to learn (everyone starts here each day)

    Blue- Think about it (five minutes of recess)

    Purple- Teachers choice (may be loss of whole recess, child-written note home of explanation, etc.)

    Black- Parent contact

     Examples of prizes and rewards are: trip to the treasure box, comfy chairs/pillows, candy jar, etc.


    Snacks and Lunch

    Each student will be responsible for bringing their own snacks (2) and lunch daily.   A lunch menu will come home soon if your child decides to buy lunch.   You may also send water bottles for students to drink throughout the day. We allow students to keep them near their desks. Someone almost always forgets a snack or drink, so if you would like to donate any snacks, drinks or water bottles, just send them in!

     Birthday Celebrations

    Birthdays are special times for the children, and you are welcome to send treats to school to celebrate this day. Our school requires that all birthday snacks be store bought (no homemade items).  Please bring the treats in with your child (please make sure to sign in at the front office if your child is unable to carry it themselves) or they can be dropped off at the front office anytime.  Make sure you send enough for each child.  Please email your teacher in advance if possible so we don’t have double birthday treats!

    Your child will take home, Happy Birthday to You! By Dr. Seuss and the “If I had one wish…” birthday binder. The directions are located in the binder. Please complete and return both items the next day to school.

    Specials Schedule

    Please be sure to follow the specials calendar and dress your child accordingly. Please be sure to bring back library books on Library day. Please make sure your child wears gym shoes on Thursday!