Please make sure to check your child's grades weekly. We don't want any surprises at progress report or report card time.  Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns about an assignment or test.

            In an effort to comply with the Higley District Policy on Homework and Grading Practices, our 4th grade classes will be implementing “Retake Assessment” guidelines for all 4th grade students.  

            The thinking behind these new guidelines is to ensure that every student has a chance to show his/her mastery of grade level concepts.  Students will now be allowed to “retake” any major assessment (tests or quizzes) if they are unhappy with the grade received on the original assessment.  The retake assessment may or may not be the exact same assessment – it will depend on the format of the original test.  For example, multiple choice assessments may be rewritten so that students are not just “guessing” at the correct answer on their retakes.  We want every student to understand the concepts, as well as be able to show their understanding through various assessments.

            It will be up to your student to inform his/her teacher that they wish to retake a specific test or quiz.  Each classroom teacher will make their students aware which assessments are eligible for a retake and when they need to make their intentions known that they wish to retake something.  The window for these opportunities will be no more than one week, and once the announced date has passed, the opportunity to retake that particular assessment will be gone. It is very important that your child hold on to the original assessment and present it to his/her teacher at the time of requesting a retake.

            This is an exciting opportunity for students and teachers to ensure confident mastery of our 4th grade standards.  We want the students to understand that they can take charge of their learning and work to their fullest potential.  It will also give them added responsibility and ownership of their grades.   We are hoping to see great results because of it.  As always, please email your child’s teacher with any comments, questions, or concerns.  Thank you for all of your support.