• I believe that classroom expectations should be concise and have a concrete reason behind them. This list is divided into two kinds of expectations: social expectations and procedural expectations. The first two are principles that will be used to form and guide every aspect of conduct in the classroom. The final six are simply the most important items in terms of specific behavior and procedures for our classroom.


    Expectations for Mr. MacKenzie’s Class

    1.      We will treat each other with honesty and respect at all times.

    2.      We will act with self-respect and dignity at all times.

    3.      We will not cheat, nor will we tolerate cheating in others.

    4.      We will take personal responsibility for coming to class with our work prepared and our materials ready.

    5.      We will be seated and ready to learn and to work when the bell rings.

    6.      We will raise our hands when we wish to speak to the class.

    7.      We will leave our work areas and our classroom cleaner than when we found them.