• Higley High School Site Council By-Laws
    Amended 9/26/11


    Section 1.01. The name of this organization shall be the Higley High School Site Council, hereafter referred to as the Site Council.


    Section 2.01. Pursuant to District guidelines and policies, the Site Council will ensure that the School’s mission and the Council’s By-Laws are attained. Our mission statement is as follows: Collaboratively provide leadership, direction and support to the school community in its quest to provide a quality education to all students through continuous school improvement.

    Section 2.02. The decision-making role of the Site Council will be appropriate to the team’s role in the school, will respect the roles and authority of the principals and committees, and will evolve with the support of the school’s principal, staff and parents. The site council will participate in the development and monitoring of the school improvement plan, help plan and prioritize the school’s budget, help provide input into the selection of school staff. We also intend to change and develop conditions for success for our students, school leadership teams and school staff.


    Section 3.01. The Site Council’s membership will comply with Arizona State Law and District guidelines.

    Section 3.02. The Site Council shall consist of 11 voting members.
    Parents, students, and community membership will represent the diversity of the Higley High School community. Staff membership will be as diverse as possible while respecting staff’s choice of which school committees they join. Staff and community have agreed upon the following membership composition. All Members begin their terms in August.

    List of voting positions:
      • Teachers (4)
      • Support Staff (1)
      • Parents (3)
      • Parent/Community Member (1)
      • Student (1)
      • Administrator (1)

    Section 3.03. The Site Council will have alternate members who may attend the meetings but may vote only when representing a missing member and assigned to that position by the Chair. (Schools can designate specific numbers or a range of alternates. Example: There will be one parent alternate and one staff alternate.)
    Section 3.04. Site Council members are expected to regularly attend Site Council meetings, arrange for an alternate, or name a proxy for voting purposes.


    Section 4.01. Site Council Members will have term lengths of two years and the term starts the beginning in the month of September for the corresponding year.

    Section 4.02. The usual minimum term length is two years. The Site Council may choose to accept a member who can commit to only one year.

    Section 4.03. There is no maximum limit to length of service on the Council. But when a member’s term expires, he/she must be re-elected/re-selected by the regular process.

    Section 4.04. Terms of office will be staggered to provide membership continuity.


    Section 5.01. Nomination procedures shall encourage and facilitate open participation from all members of the staff, parents, students and community. The selection process will be announced annually, publicized, and overseen by the Site Council. Selection shall be made in Fall of each year for open positions.

    Section 5.02. Each Category of membership will be selected by their peers in accordance with state law.


    Section 6.01. A voluntary resignation or four total absences of a Council member determine vacancies.  After two absences, the member’s attendance shall be addressed at the next meeting.
    Section 6.02. In the event of a vacancy on the Council, the members of the site council shall meet and select someone to fill the vacancy until the next annual election/selection. At that time a member shall be elected/selected for the balance of the expired term.
    Section 6.03. Any elected Site Council member shall be subject for removal from membership on the Council for cause when at least three-fourths (75%) of the Council’s remaining members are in agreement.

    Section 7.01. The Site Council Officers will consist of one Chair (Administrator, Teacher, Support Staff or Parent) and one Secretary (parent, community member or staff member).

    Section 7.02. Officers will be elected annually by the new Site Council membership, following its election/selection.


    (Each site chooses its own quorum. 50% is the minimum recommended; at least one more than half of the current membership)
    Section 8.01. At each meeting, the presence of at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the Council’s members/alternates shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
    Section 8.02. The Council shall strive for full attendance.


    Section 9.01. All Site Council meetings are open to everyone, as stated in the Site Based Improvement Agreement. Guests will agree to follow the Council’s ground rules.

    Section 9.02. At the meeting of the Site Council that follows the annual election/selection, meeting dates shall be established for the succeeding year. Dates will be published to the community.

    Section 9.03. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of an administrator, the Co-Chairs, or three or more Council members. Members will be notified, when possible, ten days in advance of the meeting. It shall be the responsibility of the Council members calling the special meeting to notify all members and to provide the agenda.

    Section 9.04. Agendas
    1. The Chair and Principal are responsible for preparing agendas for regular scheduled meetings.
    2. Any Council member may suggest an agenda item by the due date established by the Council for submitting items.
    3. Agendas will be approved by the Council at the beginning of each meeting.

    Section 9.05. Anyone may present an issue to the Council in writing. For each issue, the Chair and Principal will decide if it is a Council issue and/or it needs referral to an individual (e.g. Principal) or to another school committee or group. The Council can create a task force to address an issue not covered by existing committees. The issue’s sponsor can be invited to discuss the issue with the Council. All people who submit issues will receive a response and be told to whom their issue was referred.


    Section 10.01. Members of the Site Council will ensure that there is two-way communication about Council activities with the people they directly or indirectly represent.
    Section 10.02. The Site Council will regularly evaluate its communication with the school community.
    Section 10.03. The Site Council will use a variety of communication strategies, including but not limited to the following.
    1. HUSD Website.
    2. The school at-large will receive general Council information through the school newsletter.
    3. All site council members will receive agendas at or before meetings. Copies will also be available in the office.
    4. One Site Based Improvement/Site Council Notebook will be available as a public resource book and archive.

    Section 11.01. To encourage greater participation and communication by all school staff, parents, students, and community, the Site Council shall create task-oriented ad hoc and standing committees as necessary, including any district recommended committees.

    Section 11.02. The Site Council will work collaboratively with the school’s committees and parent organizations, in order to improve student achievement by developing the school’s effectiveness, efficiency, communication and collaboration. The Council and committees will report to each other and work together on projects.
    Section 12.01. The Site Council will work with respectful regard for the authority and responsibilities of school individuals, committees, and groups. The Council will collaboratively problem solve with others when they are working on the same issue.
    Section 12.02. Decisions will be made by consensus. If the Council determines that consensus cannot be reached, a vote will be taken. The percentage vote necessary for an issue to pass will usually be a majority vote.  In the event of a tie vote, the principal will abstain.
    Section 12.03. Each membership position will constitute one vote.
    Section 12.04. Issues not passed may be referred back to the originator, to an existing committee, or to a short-term task force.

    Section 12.05. The Site Council shall adhere to rules, regulations and policies of the Board of Education and District, the laws of local, State and Federal Government, and contractual agreements, unless an exemption has been granted from such rule, regulation, policy or agreement by the appropriate parties’ agencies. The Site Council shall demonstrate ethical practices in its operations.

    Section 13.01. These By-Laws shall be adopted or amended/changed at any time by consensus of two-thirds (66%) of the full Site Council membership.

    Section 13.02. These By-Laws shall be reviewed annually for amendments/changes.