Hello second grade students.  Do you remember Poor Little Kitty Cat?  Do you remember the story I told you about my adventures with Coltrane my cat? This is a picture of the cellar underneath the house I grew up in. 
    It's the cellar where Coltrane got lost.  I was very happy when I found him in a tunnel under the house. Do you see the wood and the wood stove?  Why do you think my parents need that in the northeast?   
    This is another picture of the cellar.  This is where my mom and dad store food for the winter just in case they get snowed in.  I remember getting snowed in and having school cancelled. 
    This is the house I grew up in.  The cellar is underneath it.  It's a very old house and was built in the 1800's.  My mom and dad still live there!