• We will be working on learning different spelling patterns while learning different phonics rules.  We will work on these daily in class, so I will not assign any spelling words for homework.  I can give you the rules your child is learning if you are interested.  Your child will be given spelling words from his/her classroom teacher to learn each week.  Here are some fun ways you can practice your words. 
    • Write your words in shaving cream or pudding.
    • Use magnetic letters on a cookie sheet.
    • Use foam letters in the tub.
    • Play hangman with your spelling words.
    • Use alphabet pasta to spell your words.
    • Write words in sand.
    • Make up word chants.
    • Spell your words with Alphabets cereal and eat.
    • Write your words in a story.
    • Type your words and use a variety of fonts.
    • Use fancy letters to write your words.
    • Use a paintbrush and water and write your words on the sidewalk.
    • Use sidewalk chalk to write your words.
    • Use colorful markers to write your words.
    • Make two sets of spelling word cards and play memory
    • Spell your words using funny voices (Kermit, Pooh, etc.).
    • Do jumping jacks as you spell each word.
    • Jump rope while spelling each word out loud.
    • Draw a picture and hide each of your words in the picture.
    • Make a word search puzzle and use all of your words.
    • Use magnetic letters to spell your words on the refrigerator.
    • Stair spelling
    Some great spelling websites for your child to practice their spelling words are: