• Bullying: Tips for Students

    If you are bullied: Reach Out

      • Tell an adult. Sometimes you may have to tell more than one trusted adult. 

      • Ask your friends to help you. There is safety in numbers.
      • Practice what to say the next time you're bullied with your parents, teachers, or friends.
      • Be cool in the moment. Stay calm and confident.
    Don't show the bully that you're sad or mad.

    Ignore the bully and walk away.

      • Remember: Fighting back can make bullying worse.

    If you witness bullying...Interrupt It

    Stand next to, or speak up, for the person being bullied.

      • Ask the bully to stop.
      • Comfort the person being bullied and offer friendship.

    Get Help
      • Walk away and get help.
      • Find an adult to intervene.
    If you are the bully...

    Make a Commitment to Change

      • Talk to an adult, like a teacher or parent, about how to get along with others.
      • Ask a friend to help you stop your bully behavior.
      • Apologize to the kids you have bullied.
    Focus on Empathy

      • Think about what it feels like to be bullied--would you want to be treated that way?

      • Before you speak, think about whether your words will help or hurt another student.

    Change your behavior

      • Resist peer pressure to bully.

      • If you start to bully, walk away and find something else to do.
      • Remember: You don't have to like everyone around you, but you have to treat everyone with respect.