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    The classroom behavior plan is based on a scale of 1-4. Each number represents how well behaved your child was in class that day. Below is a breakdown of what each number means and what your child can do to earn it.

    At the end of each day, I will write the number that best reflects your childs behavior in their calendar books. I ask that you initial each day so that I know your child has shown you their calendar.  If your child has a 1 or 2 for the day I will attach an explanation, send an email, or call you to explain why they received it.

    4 = WOW!
    -Helped a neighbor    
    -Respects others                    
    -Good attentive listener
    -Raises hand to talk   
    -Always follows rules 
    -Gives best effort
    3 = GOOD!
    -Sometimes helps neighbor   
    -Usually raises hand to talk   
    -Respects others
    -Good listener                        
    -Follows rules
    2 = FAIR!
    -Disrupts neighbors    
    -Not responsible                    
    -Not always respectful with others
    -Calls out                   
    -Had to be reminded of rules
    -Talks while others are talking

    1 = POOR!
    -Disrupts the class
    -Calls out
    -Bullying/put down others
    -Doesnt pay attention
    -Off task
    -Making choices to break the rules