In order to maintain a positive learning environment and to ensure the success of every student, I have developed and will be implementing the following:
    Our classroom rules:
    1. I show my teacher that I am ready to learn.
    2. I follow directions.
    3. I take pride in my environment and the tools I need to use.
    4. I raise my hand for permission to speak.
    5. I make positive choices.
    Students are expected to follow classroom procedures and in return are rewarded for their actions. Students will be given character cash. In addition to the character cash, students will receive praise for positive behavior, and will have other opportunities for privileges throughout the year.

    Although it is not anticipated, students who choose to misbehave will have consequences. Please note that any severe misbehavior such as physical violence, verbal abuse, etc. will result in immediate removal from the classroom and the office will contact parents.

    Bathroom Policies
    Students are given time during the day to go to the bathroom. They also have the opportunity during recess, and lunch to use the bathroom as needed. If your child has special circumstances regarding the bathroom, please let me know! 
    Thank you so much for your support of our classroom expectations!