Welcome to 6th grade!

    2020 - 2021 is going to be an exciting year! Your teachers are so thrilled to be a part of your learning and can’t wait to tell you, “Welcome!” Here’s a note from each of your teachers, introducing themselves and the class. 

    Science:   Hello, and welcome!  I am Ms. Miller and I will be teaching 6th grade science. We have a tentative date for science camp, but due to covid-19, nothing has been finalized at this time. Information will come home as soon as possible, as we know this outdoor camp experience is one in which you will have a blast learning and teambuilding with other 6th grade students. Throughout the year you will apply your understanding of how matter and energy relate to atoms, the solar system, and ecosystems.  You will develop an understanding of the nature of matter and the role of energy transformation.  Investigations will focus on collecting and making sense of observational data and measurements using science and engineering practices.  I am going to ask that you come to class every day with a thinking and active mind.  I have high expectations for you and your learning goals this year, and know you will live up to them.  I can’t wait to meet each one of you!

    Math:    Greetings! I am Mrs. Zwiernik, and I can’t wait to meet you!  My goal this year is to help you feel confident about your current math skills and increase those skills by at least one grade level for those who are ready for it! We will be learning about ratios, geometry, algebra, and statistics to name a few topics.  Also, if you don’t have your math facts memorized yet, set yourself a summer-time goal.  It will help you be more successful in every math class you take for the rest of your life!  Get ready for some challenges and fun, too!  I love to incorporate technology into our learning.  You will have choices in how you learn in many areas of math.  This is your final year of elementary school math and I will get you ready for middle school as long as you come to class with an open mind and willing attitude. Make sure to bring a pencil and your math notebook each day!

    Language Arts & Social Studies:  Welcome to a new school year! I hope you are excited to start the 2020 school year at Coronado, home of the Coyotes! I hope you have your bags packed for it is going to be a non-stop adventure as we explore the world together. This year, language arts and social studies will be integrated, and I, Mr. Hilliard, will be your Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher.  But don’t worry, I have been teaching ELA for a dozen years and I was a history major in college.

    In language arts we will study and utilize Greek and Latin word stems to help bolster your vocabulary. In addition, you will be exposed to various authors & types of writing from novels, to short stories, to poetry. By the time you leave Coronado, you will be well versed in identifying and using figurative language effectively and recognizing and analyzing literary elements that author’s use to enhance their writing. Lastly, you will have numerous opportunities in class to express yourself orally, and in writing, but be ready to cite evidence and justify your answers.

    In social studies, ancient civilizations will come alive as you travel back into time. Our studies will take us through Egypt, Rome, Greece and more! As you travel through the various civilizations, you will discover the factors that made them successful, and how people and systems that existed hundreds or even thousands of years ago, still influence and impact your life today. To accomplish this, we will analyze primary sources, complete picture walks, role play, and continuously ask the question, “Why?” Be ready to dig deep and     bring your curiosity to class. I look forward to meeting you!           



    COME TO EACH CLASS PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE & LEARN! Class will always be more exciting when everyone contributes their thoughts and ideas. The key to being successful in 6th grade is having a positive attitude, being organized, and completing your work on time.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    This is the time to take advantage of the back to school sales.  In 6th grade, students need a lot of extra pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, dry erase markers, scissors, tape, glue, college ruled paper, folders, sharpener, ruler, protractor, etc.  Some of these things we will not use every day, so each homeroom teacher will collect particular items and store them in a safe place so that they are available when the students need them. 

    We look forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher on Thursday, July 23rd, between 5:30-6:30 pm.   

    The 6th grade teachers,

    Lisa Miller, Bert Hilliard, and Theo Zwiernik