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    Jerrilene Antone - Higley High School
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    Prevention & Behavioral Specialist
    Meghann Sherman, NCC, LAC - Prevention & Behavioral Specialist
    Individual and group counseling is available to students at the Higley Learning Center with parental consent. The goal of this aspect of the program is to assist students in developing the skills necessary to succeed in school and make positive decisions both in and out of the classroom.


    Our vision at the Higley Learning Center is to provide an alternative to the traditional high school setting so that ALL students can reach their potential, in order to achieve their high school goals.


    Higley Learning Center (HLC) utilizes a four or six period day depending on the credit recovery needs of the student.  A schedule is determined at the intake meeting with the Administrator of Alternative Programming before starting in the HLC.


    In addition to being able to earn the same credit in a non-traditional alternative setting, students can also earn additional credits toward their high school diploma. Credit recovery is an option in HLC's computer based classes. Students can make up credits they are missing, or get to graduation faster if they are on track.

    Full day (6 period) Schedule:
    7:30 am- 2:10 pm
    Half day (4 period) Schedule- half day is only permitted with administrative approval from high school and program director.
    7:30- 11:30 am


    Program Description

    The Higley Learning Center is a non-traditional educational opportunity for students who need a non-traditional path to graduate from high school. This program serves the students of both Higley High School and Williams Field High School. Students remain enrolled at their home school while attending classes at the HLC. The program features a low student/teacher ratio and students are granted more control over their learning decisions and are expected to take ownership of their school experience. The highly qualified staff assist students in developing their own learning plan, taking into consideration the students' interests, academic needs, abilities, and expected graduation date.

    The HLC program provides students with an alternative to the traditional setting in an effort to develop their skills and meet requirements for graduation. This is done in part by students completing individualized learning plans of assigned work under the direction of highly qualified teachers, school counselor, and in some circumstances a Special Education case manager. Academic objectives are completed through online courses using the Edgenuity learning software. Designing the students' specific learning plans is a collaborative effort between students and staff, with the expected goal of students possessing more motivation toward earning a Higley Unified School District diploma.


    In an effort to provide a variety of opportunities for Higley Learning Center students to be successful, the Higley Learning Center offers a comprehensive menu of courses that meet District graduation requirements. The majority of courses found in the Higley Unified School District High School course catalog can be taken in the Edgenuity online program. In addition, the Edgenuity content also offers a large variety of elective courses. Students can also receive credit for having a job and providing proof of work-based learning.

    General Program Philosophy

    The Higley Learning Center was created to provide an alternative educational opportunity to the secondary students of the Higley Unified School District #60. Since it is a voluntary program, membership is a privilege, and the students are expected to meet high expectations of conduct to achieve their individual goals. In addition, regular attendance is mandatory, and not meeting compulsory attendance requirements will result in dismissal from the program. Students in this program are responsible for being at school and maintaining a safe, healthy, and respectful environment conducive to learning. They are expected to do their best and show consistent effort and responsibility toward gaining a high school diploma. As they become adjusted and prove successful in the Alternative Education Program,students may be involved in developing their own community care team, which will serve as a support for them as they transition into the adult world.

    All HLC students will be provided access to the online copy of the Higley/Williams Field High School Student / Parent Handbook, which lists and explains all of the important policies, procedures, expectations, and rules of the high school.

    Again, the expectation is that students who have been accepted into the program are truly motivated to graduate from high school and are committed to taking the steps necessary to do so. Failure to follow the expectations in the Student / Parent Handbook and/or failure to comply with the contract created as a component of the Alternative Education Program are signs that students are not serious about their commitment;therefore, those students will be dismissed from the program.

    In general, violation of rules and/or lack of effort will be dealt with through conferences (involving the student, teacher, school counselor, case manager, and possibly the director),behavior contracts, in- or out-of-school suspensions, or Police Department or Social Services referrals (as in cases of municipal or criminal law violations). Serious conduct violations or lack of effort in the program will result in a student's removal from the Alternative Education Program.
    Enrollment in HLC
    The HLC is an alternative learning program and not a separate high school. Therefore, students who are part of the HLC remain enrolled in Williams Field or Higley High School, but attend classes at the HLC.  Diplomas are awarded through Williams Field or Higley High School and are Higley Unified School District Diplomas.  If a student has an interest or a need to attend the HLC, please see your High School counselor for a referral to the program.  Students may not apply to the program without a recommendation from Williams Field or Higley High School. After a recommendation is received from Williams Field or Higley High School, a one hour intake meeting is scheduled with the student and the parent prior to beginning in the HLC program. A student may not begin in the HLC program without an intake meeting.  
    Currently, we do not offer a foreign language class through the HLC.  Students who are interested in attending a four year University after graduation would need to meet the foreign language requirements necessary for Arizona University Admissions.
    Participation in online coursework at the HLC may effect a student's NCAA eligibility.  Please see your high school counselor for more information regarding NCAA eligibility.

    Learning Plan

    After a student has been accepted into Higley Learning Center, an initial learning plan will be developed unless another individual plan exists. (For example, if the student is in the Special Education Program and has an active IEP, the IEP will reference the HLC learning plan.) The learning plan and subsequent variations of the plan are contracts to which all parties must commit. The following procedures will be used to create the initial learning plan:

    · Review the high school transcript for completed coursework and credits earned.

    · Determine the student's skills through a file review.

    · Discuss with the licensed teacher,school counselor, student, parent, and other involved parties the student's current academic standing, personal interests, and career aspirations.

    · Determine academic coursework plan based upon the above information.

    The learning plan will include reference to adequate academic progress and progress on short- and/or long-term goals. In order to determine adequate progress, the learning plan will be reviewed on a term basis. The plan will be reviewed at minimum by the student and his/her school counselor. (If the student is in the Special Education Program, the case manager will also be involved.) Adjustments will be made as needed.
    Progress Monitoring of Students enrolled in HLC
    Parents are required to provide an email address for their student's online account.  Parents will receive access to the parent portal in Edgenuity to access their student's progress in his/her classes at any time.  Parents also receive a weekly email progress report generated from Edgenuity on Mondays.  For more information about how to understand a Progress Report please click here.
    Students meet with the Administrator of Alternative Programming once every three weeks to discuss their progress towards their academic, attendance, and behavior goals set forth in the Individual Learning Plan.  If students are not meeting their goals, a revised plan is developed. If the goals are not met in academics, attendance or behavior for 6 weeks in a row, parents are asked to join us for a conference.