School psychologists help children meet challenges through their specialized training in psychology and education. They assist educators, parents, and other professionals to ensure that children learn in a safe, healthy and supportive setting. They understand childhood development, the elements of successful learning, effective teaching, and school systems. A school psychologists training covers mental health, school organization, and child development, including learning, behavior, and motivation. School psychologists must be certified by the Arizona State Department of Education.

    What Do School Psychologists Do?

    School psychologists serve a variety or roles within the school district. Although what a specific school psychologist does depends on the school assignment, all of them engage in certain core services. School psychologists consult with parents, teachers, administrators and others to offer ways to understand and intervene to benefit students. They also assess a variety of aspects of childrens development, including cognitive, learning, adaptive skills, emotional development, and social skills, using a wide variety of techniques. Psychologists may directly and/or indirectly assist all students through prevention activities targeted at campus-wide needs, such as safe and diverse schools.

    For additional information, contact the school psychologist on your Cortina or call the HUSD district office at
    (480) 279.7059.