The District will ensure that all children (ages 3-21) within its responsibility who have suspected disabilities are identified, located and evaluated. This process is important to the provision of educational opportunities for all students. The process of identification, evaluation, development of program, placement and the provision of services (often referred to as a free, appropriate public education) is guided by a variety of laws and regulations.

    Identification procedures will be completed within 45 calendar days after: (a) Enrollment for each kindergarten student and new student enrolling without appropriate screening records; or (b) Notification to the District by the parent of concerns regarding their childs developmental or educational process. Local community agency resources will be identified for referring parents of children from birth through 2.9 years who require screening, evaluation or early intervention services.

    The identification procedures for 3-5 year-olds will include screening and evaluation procedures consistent with considerations for older students. Information regarding such screenings and regarding the rights of children with disabilities will be made available in a mode of communication that is understandable to parents, regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, or cultural background.

    Teacher rating scales will be used for the screening/identification of students who may require special education. The teacher rating scales will be distributed to classroom teachers as appropriate, along with copies of procedures for identifying students who are exceptional. Identification procedures will include consideration of academic progress, as well as vision and hearing, communication, and emotional and psychomotor problems, but will not include detained individual evaluation procedures such as psychological testing.

    If the identification procedures indicate a possible disability, a referral for evaluation will occur only after appropriate consultation among the administrator, the parent, and the teacher or through a child study team discussion. Parents and/or students may request a referral for evaluation and are encouraged to follow a similar pattern of discussion and agreement.

    The referral of a student for evaluation for possible placement in special education and related services shall be made by the administrator after notifying parents of their rights and after documenting the informed consent of the parent or guardian. When the parent does not refer the child, the parent must be provided notice of referral for evaluation within 7 days. Such parental consent will be obtained within 15 calendar days after the disposition of the referral and the determination to evaluation. Absent the consent of the parent or guardian, mediation or due process procedures may be used to address the issue of referral for evaluation.

    The written notice of referral will include a copy of the procedural safeguards available to the parents of a child with a disability. Translation of the notice will be made by an interpreter when necessary to ensure understanding. The person or persons making the initial referral shall be notified within 30 calendar days regarding the status of progress of the referral.

    To refer a child for screening or evaluation, or for additional information regarding special instructional programs, contact the Principal of the school.