• The Aerial Yearbook is a full-color, 220+ page, hard cover, student publication. Be part of the memory making process by buying your yearbook today.

    Yearbook Adviser
    Devon Adams
    Senior headshots
    Senior headshots are photographed from June to August of each year. All headshots are taken at Lou Coopey's All Pro Studio, and they will send mailers home with more information. You also may call All Pro at 480-830-5667 to schedule.
    If you do not have your free headshot taken by Labor Day, we cannot guarantee your senior photo will be in the yearbook.
    Orders for the 2020 Yearbook begin July 1, 2019
    Go to the HerffJones yearbook order center at www.yearbookordercenter.com
    Click on the "Buy a Yearbook" button and use our Order Number #12576 to order a yearbook directly from our publishing company. 
    Yearbook Costs:
    7/1-12/31 - $75
    1/1-3/31 - $80
    At the yearbook signing party - $85 (until we are sold out)
    *The yearbook sells out almost every year. We suggest you order one in the summer to guarantee your student receives one. In May 2019, we sold out quickly. Several people did not get books because they didn't preorder. Please do not let that happen to you.
    Senior Ads
    A senior ad is a way for family and friends to leave an eternal message for their graduating student. Most often, people will include toddler photos, senior activity photos (like a sport, music, or hobby), or senior head shots, along with a touching message. Some families use this as a gift by contacting grandparents, aunts & uncles, or other family friends to take part in the ad. 
    Ad Deadline: December 30, 2019
    Ad Costs:
    $44   1/8 page ad (business card size, 1 photo/30 word message)
    $88   1/4 page ad (greeting card size, 2-3 small photos/30 word message)
    $176 1/2 page ad (3-7 photos/40 word message)
    $330 1 page ad (1-12 photos/50 word message)
    How to Order an Ad:
    Ordering Instructions
    Senior Ad template
    If there are any questions regarding the WFHS Aerial yearbook, please contact Mr. Adams