2diat Supercross Team Photo from Anaheim Supercross

About Me

  • My name is Tyler Hettick, and I grew up in a town called Belleville in Southern Illinois. Throughout middle and high school I never really liked math, it was just something that I had to do. Here is a little bit about why I chose to become a math teacher. 

    During high school I helped at a machine shop that bought and sold used metal working equipment. I would mostly clean the machines, repaint them, and repair them to be resold. There were always people coming in to buy equipment, but some would come in to work on projects. I always thought it was interesting when people would come in and be working on something really complex. I wanted to learn how to design and construct items like the people who came into the shop. At the same time I was riding motocross, and my friends were just turning professional. I became really interested in becoming one of the people on a team who helps develop parts. 

    I decided to go to college for Mechanical Engineering and work for a motocross team as a mechanic or a parts developer. After two years, I decided that engineering was not for me. During my time in those classes, I would help my peers study and would reteach them topics discussed in class. I really liked doing that. I really began to like math during engineering because i was seeing how it could actually be used. Things started clicking more for me, and i began to enjoy math classes. Making the switch to teaching was an easy descision for me.