• Welcome to Gifted and Talented Education!

    Gifted Brain Picture  

    This year in HUSD, services will be provided to gifted students by grade level teachers and a Pull Out / Push In program with a gifted specialist. Grade level teachers  will differentiate instruction to meet the specific needs of verbally, quantitatively and nonverbally gifted students. A cluster model is being used. We have grouped our gifted students together and placed them in mixed ability classrooms. Gifted clusters give students the benefit of interacting with a group of like-minded peers, while being exposed to deeper and more complex instruction each day.  

    Students will remain in their grade-level classroom throughout the day.  Research shows academic needs are best met by highly qualified classroom teachers with the support of a gifted specialist.  As a specialist, I will work closely with gifted cluster teachers to ensure they are making the necessary modifications in the curriculum to keep students engaged and challenged.  The cluster teachers are dedicated to working with gifted students and enjoy helping them learn!

    Students will also engage in project/problem based learning activities. Our goal is to help students use deductive and inductive thinking to identify and solve problems creatively. We also provide an environment and activities which foster cooperation, strategic thinking, and healthy social and academic habits.


Last Modified on June 26, 2019