• Leslie Nicholson
    Attendance Specialist

    480. 279.8000 Option 2


    Absences can be defined as excused or unexcused. Only a parent or legal guardian through telephone contact to the Attendance Office (480) 279-8000, (option #2 and then select option #1) may excuse absences. Please note that students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a class period.

    Should an emergency contact sign a student out it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to call in and excuse the absence within 24 hours of the absence/or next business day. An automated message will be sent every night at 5:00 pm as a reminder.

    A student that has a doctor note when they arrive at school will be excused and it is not necessary for the parent/guardian to call in to excuse the absence.

    If you use the auto dialer before 1:00 pm, the attendance will be updated at the end of the business day. Calls received on the auto dialer after 1:00 pm will be updated the following business day.

    No matter what time of the day a student arrives late to school they must sign in at the front office. If a student leaves campus at any time, they are required to be signed out at the front office by a parent or guardian.

         Per the state of AZ we can only excuse the reasons listed below, any other reasons provided will not be excused per our district office:

         Vacation or Out of Town
         Bereavement or Funeral
         Dr appt. or ortho appt. (appt. alone will NOT be excused due to it is too generic and not excused without a specific dr note)
         Family ER
         Religious Holiday


    A student may lose credit on the 10th absence from a class. It will be at the discretion of administration as to the level of educational benefit the student is receiving from his/her enrollment and whether the student will be dropped from the class. In some cases, the student can be withdrawn from the class.

    Students who reach 10 absences in a class may be placed on audit status (loss of credit). Students on audit status may receive a “NC” as a grade unless the student is failing, then he or she will receive an “F”.

    Appeals will only be granted for extenuating circumstances such as documented chronic illness or long-term illness, court requirements, or bereavement. Vacations and non-school related trips cannot be appealed. Documentation must be verified. There may be an opportunity for students to make-up seat time.

    Truancy/Law Statement

    Arizona State law (A.R.S. 15-803) states that it is unlawful for any child between the ages of six and sixteen to fail attend school during the hours that school is in session, unless there is a valid excuse. Any excused absence must be accompanied by medical documentation, or associated with bereavement, court, or an absence approved by the school administrator or school nurse. The student will be considered truant in the absence of a good reason for not attending school. If a parent fails to ensure that the child attends school, the law states that he/she is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor. When the parent does not provide a valid excuse for the child’s absence the school attendance officer may cite the student, parent, or custodian directly into court for violation of truancy law.

    First Hour Sweep

    The campus perimeter gates will be locked when the bell rings at the start of each school day

    Students arriving after gates lock will enter through the front office

    Students arriving less than 10 minutes late will proceed to class

    Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will sign in and report to the Sweep Room (149) for the remainder of first hour

    Students that are walked in by a parent more than 10 minutes late will receive a pass to class but will still be marked unexcused unless a doctor note is provided

    Students assigned to sweep 1st hour may work on assignments from their classes, however; the use of a cell phone is prohibited

    Please be aware that current policy does not allow outside food or beverage to be on campus. Any student arriving to school with said items will be asked to dispose of them before entering the building. This does not include prepared lunches from home

    Late Arrivals/Tardy to School after first hour

    Students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a single class period. Students arriving within the first 10 minutes to class will be counted as tardy

    A student arriving with a doctor note, dentist note or other appointment will sign in and be sent to class. Depending on the time it will be an excused tardy or absence

    Excused absences still count toward a student's maximum of nine (9) absences

    Excused tardies still count towards a student's total number of tardies and being assigned progressive discipline

    Progressive Discipline

    We understand that issues can arise in the course of arriving to school and may preclude a student from arriving on time each day however, chronic tardies will result in progressive discipline after the third tardy in each class period. Teachers will work with each individual student with the first 3 tardies in their respective class periods

    Detention will be assigned by Administration for every four (4) tardies in each class period

    The fifth tardy will result in two (2) days of after school detention

    The sixth tardy will result in a Saturday School Assignment. Saturday School assignments take precedence over sport practices, club meetings, work, etc.
    The seventh tardy will result in a at least one (1) day of In School Suspension up to five (5) days of In School Suspension including the possibility of receiving no credit in the class

    Detention is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:25 to 3:25 pm., Parents will be notified that detention has been assigned by a phone call or email