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    Bachelor of Business, Montana State University - Northern
    Masters in Secondary Education, University of Phoenix




    Welcome to another school year!  My name is Troy Nelson and I will be your child’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher this year at Cooley Middle School.  I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the seventh grade, and also to introduce myself and give you some insight as to what to expect this upcoming school year.

    This is my tenth year here at Higley, and my fifteenth year of teaching.  Over my career I have taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Social Studies classes.  I have a Masters in Secondary Education, and a B.A. in Business.  I am highly qualified by the state to teach in the areas of social studies, history, and business.    

    The main focus of seventh grade Social Studies is U.S. History.  We will cover the time period from Pre- Civil War (1820), and continue on through up to WWII (1941). We will be accomplishing our academic goals with a variety of different activities such as note taking, reading, vocabulary activities, various discussion activities, writing, analyzing primary source documents, completing DBQ’s (document based questions), various classroom review activities, graphic organizers, and watching video clips to help reinforce the information learned.

     To make learning possible one thing that is critical will be proper classroom behavior by all students. They will be given freedom throughout the year to explore and learn about new topics. This will involve participating in many group and partner activities that require each student to try their best so the activity can be properly completed. With the teacher, parent, and student working together to ensure this happens I am confident that we will be successful in creating a safe, fun, and worthwhile learning experience.     

    I look forward to having your child in my class this year.  We have a great team of teachers to ensure the highest quality education for your child.  Throughout the coming year please let me know if there are any issues or concerns that you may have.  We are all committed to making this year a success.
    Welcome to Cooley seventh grade!




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