• BA in Education in Qiqihar University, China

    MA in English language and literature in Heilongjiang University

    4 year Chinese teaching and research in UCLA as a visiting professor


    Room 106 WFHS, 480-279-8000

    Room 307 CMS, 480-279-8300

    WFHS: 8: 00am-12:15pm

    Cooley MS: 12:30pm-3:00pm


    Ni Hao,

    After teaching English in a university in China for many years, I am very excited to have a chance to teach Chinese, Honors Chinese and Dual Enrollment CHI 101, 102 in both HHS and WFHS in U.S. I am so proud of my students and their success in my class.

    They do much better than I thought and you think. I am also very proud of myself that I am  introducing not only Chinese language but also the Chinese culture and building a bridge between China and America. Teaching is my only job and the only job that I love in both countries.





Last Modified on July 19, 2018