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Explain how and why the Federal Government acts in the American Economy.


US Constitution-see especially Article II Sections 7 and 8
Explain the difference between progressive, regressive and proportional taxes and how they affect various wage earners.  Defend or criticize the need for a proportional income tax instead of Progressive. 

Remember! Marginal tax rates means you only pay on the additional income you earn that is above each preceding bracket.

Example:  If I earn $20,000 in a country that has two bracket rates of 5% up to first 10,000 and 10% therefter then my tax bill is 5% times 10,000 and then added to the 10% times the remaining 10,000 since only the income above the first 10,000 is taxed at the higher rate.

Anderson-land Tax Types Activity Sheet 

SHARK TANK-start your own business guidelines

Keep this in mind:
1.  Dress up for your presentation for a better grade.
2.  Make sure you know your material--don't read from the smartboard and ignore the crowd.
3.  Ask for questions--don't wait for me to do it.
Use the link below to explore franchise opportunities
Use the link below to explore lease/commercial space
Use the link below to calculate your loan payment


Stock Project Guidelines (PDF)


Stock Project Guidelines (Word)

9.1 Saving

1.  Don't forget-you must purchase DIVERSE stocks.
2.  You will have to do reports on your first 10 stock buys.
3.  Use the stockscreener button to help find good sites.


A good place to research stocks and also find tips.
Also, if you don't know where to find different types of industry stocks (transportation, technology, etc) then use
http://www.google.com/finance/stockscreener and then click the sector drop-down button.
Sick Around America Video Questions



Classifying Super Bowl Advertising
Career Assessment Tool

Use the link to the right to do a skills assessment and figure out what job suits you best.





Unit 3 Study GuideUse the provided study guide to prepare for the test. 

Unit 3 Day 23 Test

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