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Unit 2 Day 1

3.1 Demand




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Unit 2 Day 2 Changes in Demand

3.2 Changes in Demand

Demand Shifts Handout

Analyze the housing bubble and identify the things that shifted and changed quantity demanded in the mortgage market.

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Explain when a shift occurs and when it is just quantity change related to a given scenario or marketplace change

Group Quiz based on scenarios in marketplace

No makeup on quiz.  You will be exempted if you missed today.  See me during Support Period if you need help/tutoring with shifts and qty change. 

Compare elastic demand with inelastic demand and explain why they differ by using examples and details.

3.3 Elasticity of Demand

Explain the difference between elastic and inelastic demand and use the total revenue test to determine demand elasticity from a data set.

Notes on Board

Explain the law of supply  and predict how changes in supply affect the supply curve
Do Practicing Skills 1-4 AND
Analyzing Primary Resource-all qst.
Check out this robo welding on a Toyota Camry!  Increased productivity over humans, but maybe not so good for unemployment rate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82w_r2D1Ooo
Video Reinforcement--discussion

Notes Quiz and Video 


Watch Segment four of the movie from 30 minutes 30 seconds to about 40 minutes.
Question:  What supply determinant caused an increase in the supply of home loans?
Shark Tank Project Lab Day

Other helpful links:

Use the link below to explore franchise opportunities
Use the link below to explore lease/commercial space
Use the link below to calculate your loan payment

4.2 Changes in Supply

Supply Shifts Exercise

Utilize data to determine marginal return and calculate profits, overhead and variable costs as well as make hiring decisions from the data.

4.3 Product Decisions


Explain how supply and demand interact to create a market price.  Further determine how changes cause supply or demand shifts and subsequent changes to price and quantity sold. 

5.1 Price System


Describe how prices can be determined using a supply and demand curve.

5.2 Determining Prices

Supply and Demand Wksht

5.3 Notes

Use supply and demand, data analysis, and secondary source reading to construct a meaningful 5 paragraph response to an economic question:  Why is tuition getting so expensive?

Midterm "Free" Response 

Identify key labor components in the NFL Referee Lockout and compare/contrast the lockout with at least one other labor dispute.

NFL Union Lockout Activity

Identify types of market interferences by government and business and compare/contrast types of business organizations from a consumer standpoint.

Market Interference and Business Organization

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