Assessment Technology Incorporated is an online assessment and data analysis system that is used to evaluate student performance.  One of the main features that we utilize in Higley is the use of online assessments (known as the Galileo system) for unit formative, grade level benchmark, and class summative data evidence.  This online system allows for the quick analysis of student responses and allows teachers to easily adjust the level and depth of instruction in a timely manner.  The many parts of ATI allows teachers to better understand student performance on assessments and other online activities, and can help create a better individualized learning environment for each student. 

2015-2016 Testing Schedule

Benchmark Window
 Q1 Sep 14 - Sep 25
 Q2 Dec 7 - Dec 18
 Q3 Feb 22 - Mar 4
 Q4 (Grade 2 Only)
 May 16 - May 26

*dates are subject to change


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