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is helping with iPads in the classroom. Below you will see links to various apps and resources to help get iPads working in your classroom.  If you have questions, email edusupport@husd.org or contact Educational Technology at x7021.  For teachers looking to get iPads in their classroom, please feel free to search for available grants.  After obtaining funding, IT and Ed. Tech will be happy to work with you to get the system up and running well in your classroom! 

Online Resources for iPads in Education 

 - ISTE's site for iPads in Education.  Very good information, but lots of links and pages to review. 
http://mobileieducator.com/ - Katherin Burdick's site dedicated to mobile learning.  Many apps with reviews and blogs to get you thinking in different directions for your class.
http://www.iear.org/ - Education Apps Review site.  Great site for apps (some are the same as Burdick's site) and reviews of things that have really been used in education. 
https://sites.google.com/site/schrockipad/ - iPads in teh Classroom site.  Amazing updates and information for teachers just starting iPads in the classroom.  Get to know this site!
http://www.alline.org/ - Also know as APPitic has a collection of 1,300+ apps for education.  Organized and simple. 
http://teachwithyouripad.wikispaces.com/iPad+Apps - great visual resource of apps with short descriptions. 
http://childrenstech.com/blog/archives/category/hardware/ipad-hardware - Children’s Technology Review is a monthly PDF newsletter — modeled in the spirit of Consumer Reports — designed to summarize products and trends in children’s interactive media.  There is no advertising content, in any form.
http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/36989 - this LiveBinders site has links to different blogs, sites, and online tools with information regarding iPads in Education.  Lots to look through, but lots to use as well.

Teaching in depth with Apps

Often when it comes to using iPads in the classroom, many of us want to get the technology rolling but may not know where to begin.  This chart (credited) demonstrates Bloom's Taxonomy in an app realated way.

Bloom's iPad Apps Chart

Also, a great online resource for Bloom's Apps:

"Are other districts using iPads?"
Apple credits over 600 districts with an iPad program last year, but with so many people taking on the challenge in such a short time, information about "how to do it" hasn't evolved quick enough to keep up with demand.  There is no set guide on the one way to get iPads working in the classroom, but there are a number of teachers and administrators trying. Here is a website with a list of schools trying tablet computing:
Higley is on the map!

Mathematics Apps (using the iTunes store)

Algebra Touch (free edition) -

Have you forgotten most of your algebra? Algebra Touch refreshes your skills using techniques only possible on your iOS device.  Say you have x + 3 = 5. You can drag the 3 to the other side of the equation.  Enjoy the wonderful conceptual leaps of algebra, without getting bogged down by the tedium of traditional methods.  Drag to rearrange, tap to simplify, and draw lines to eliminate identical terms.  Easily switch between lessons and randomly-generated practice problems.  Create your own problems or edit current ones.

Support website:
Mastering Mathematics Grade 7 ($1.99) 
Mastering Mathematics Grade 7 reinforces Mathematics concepts for Eighth Graders by introducing them to inner, hidden problem solving techniques. The worksheets and examples aim at enhancing the knowledge, putting to test the inherent talent, memory. Learn mathematics like a role to play in every aspect of life.
The solutions to the problems are simple, yet easy to grasp and recollect. These are easy to follow and grasp solutions designed to tickle the minds of young solutions. These will help you face your class exams with confidence and ease. However, these are not your regular class books substitute. These are supplements acting much like protein supplements, boosting your mind.
This app would provide you 24 x 7 access to various questions and solutions.
We hope you love the questions and answers as much as we loved framing those questions and solving them. If you like to see some additional topics covered, do write to us @ partner@edugyanlearning.com. We want to hear from you.

1. Fourteen Question Sets covering most of the topics in Grade 7 Mathematics
2. Fourteen detailed Answer Sets to the questions
3. Drawings/sketches by a physically challenged boy 
Khan Academy: A Classroom In Your Pocket (free)

Khan Academy is a non-profit video channel with over 1,000 videos covering topics ranging from high school math and science to banking and venture capital. Profits from this app will go to support Khan Academy on its mission to create valuable content.

Salman Khan (Sal) founded the Khan Academy with the hope of using technology to foster new learning models. Sal attended MIT and Harvard and later worked in the venture capital and hedge fund industry. He is devoted to Khan Academy full-time now and has managed to achieve a large internet following. Khan academy has recently been featured on NPR and PBS, and Sal has made appearances on CNN.

This app uses the VIRT2GO mobile video platform created by Irynsoft. VIRT2GO offers a new way to view educational content on your mobile phone. It makes learning a social experience allowing users to update and keep tabs on their Facebook friends, to post to a forum, and to leave ratings and reviews of individual videos.
Here are some of the great features of the app:

-videos, catalog, notes, and forum posts are cached and viewable off-line.
-Unlike many video apps that require a wifi connection this one does not.
-Take notes or research the web while watching the video

-interact with your facebook friends from within the app (Facebook login required)
-ask questions on the discussion forum
-see how others rated a lecture to determine which videos are the most helpful

A Factor Tree

AlgebraPrep: Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

AlgebraPrep: Exponents

AlgebraPrep: Graphing

AlgebraPrep: Practice Final Exam

AlgebraPrep: Quadratic Equations

AlgebraPrep: Rationals

AlgebraPrep: Real Numbers

AlgebraPrep: Roots and Radicals

AlgebraPrep: Systems

Algebra Pro

Algebra: High School and College Math Practice Problems

Basic Math

Basic Math Deluxe

Basic Math with Mathaliens HD


Coin Math

Dinosaurs Kids Math HD

Easel Algebra I lite

eSolver HD

Flashcard Champion Basic Math


Free Equation Genius

Free Graphic Calculator- PocketCAS lite

Freddy Fraction


Graphing Calculator HD

How Tall Is

iDevBooks series


iLiveMath Animals of Africa

iLiveMath Animals of Asia

iLiveMath Entomology

iLiveMath Farm Fresh

iLiveMath Ford Cars

iLiveMath Oceans

iLiveMath Speed

iLiveMath Trains

Intro to Math

Just Fractions!

Jumbo Calculator

Jungle Coins

Jungle Time

Kids Math Fun~Kindergarten

Kids Math Fun~First Grade

Kids Math Fun~Second Grade

Kids Math Fun~Third Grade

Kids Math Fun~Fourth Grade

Kids Math Fun~Fifth Grade

Kids Time Fun

Lemonade Tycoon

MakeChange- Money Counting Math Game

Math 2.0

Math Attack

Math Bingo

Math Bumpies

Math City HD

Math Graphing XL

Math Ninja HD

Math Quiz

Math Quizzer

Math Sheet Calculator


Math Girl Number Garden

Math Tour

Maths Ref

Mia's Playground

My First Tangrams

Numbers Add’em

Pearl Diver HD


PopMath Basic Math

Quick Graph

SAS Flash Cards

SAT Math Prep 800 Practice Test Questions for College and University Admissions

Smart Bubble HD

Statistics Quiz by KnowPro

Sums Stacker

Super 7

Tetris for iPad

Tic Tac Math Algebra

Tic Tac Math Fractions

Tic Tac Math Universal

That Quiz Math


Mathematics Online Links
Khan Academy offers videos on a variety of mathematics topics.   There is also an app for that!

Mathematics Podcasts (iTunes U)

Social Studies Links
Khan Academy offers videos on Current Economics.  Not just math anymore!
http://socialstudiescentral.com/ offers resources for the Social Studies teachers of today. 

Social Studies Apps (using the Itunes store)

123 World Geography

123 World Geography for iPad

AA+ American/US History Study Guide

Abolitionists: Shmoop US History

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Quotes!

Amazing World Castles HD

American Civil War Daily

American Civil War Locator

American Civil War Study Guide

American Dreams - Speeches and Documents

American Museum of Natural History

American Presidents - 2 in 1

American Revolution Study Guide

American Revolution Trivia Quiz

AP US History FULL

AP U.S. History 5 Steps to a 5

AP World History Exam Prep


Battle of Gettysburg

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography

Black History in An Hour

Booker T. Washington Works

California Gold Rush: Shmoop US History


Causes of the Civil War: Shmoop US History

Causes of the Cold War: Shmoop US History

Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution for iPad

Civil Rights Movement: “Black Power” Era: Shmoop US History

Civil Rights Movement: Desegregation Shmoop US History

Civil War Aficionado

Civil War Aficionado HD

Civil War American’s Epic Struggle

Colonial New England: Shmoop US History

Civil War Quiz 101: US History

Colonial Virginia: Shmoop US History

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonialism Study Guide

Constitution and Federalists Papers

Constitution for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Constitution for iPad

Constitutional Convention: Shmoop US History

Discovery News

Declaration for iPad

Declaration for the iPhone and iPod Touch

FDR’s New Deal: Shmoop US History

French Revolution Study Guide

George Washington Quotes

Google Earth

Greek Gods

Harriet Beecher Stove Works

Historic Earth

Historical Events

Historical Markers

History Classics

History for Kids

History: Maps of Africa

History: Maps of Americas

History: Maps of Asia

History: Maps of Europe

History: Maps of Middle East

History: Maps of U.S.

History: Maps of World

History: Today


History of Mexico Study Guide

History of Slavery Study Guide

History of Spain Study Guide

History of Thanksgiving

History of the United States

History of United States

History Trivia Quiz

HistoryTube - the history video lounge

History Quiz Revision

iAmerica - The Pocket Guide to US History and the USA


Inside Abraham Lincoln

IQ US History Tivia

iUSA - The Pocket Guide to the United States

Jamestown: Shmoop US History

Jim Crow: Shmoop US History

Library of Congress - Virtual Tours

Lincoln Letters, iPad Edition

Lincoln Speeches and Analysis

McGraw-Hill U.S. History Quiz Set 1

Mexican Revolution

Muckrakers & Reformers: Shmoop US History


Mysteries of the World

National Mail

New England Puritans and Pilgrims: Shmoop US History

Oregon Trail

Pocket Trivia: US History

Progressive Era Politics: Shmoop US History

United States Puzzle Map


Spanish Colonization: Shmoop US History

Stack the States

The American Revolution: Shmoop US History Guide

The Boston Tea Party Study Guide

The Civil War: Shmoop US History

The Federalists: Shmoop US History

The Freedom Trail

The French Revolution

The French Revolution: A Short History

The Jefferson Presidency: Shmoop US History

The Oregon Trail FREE

The Spanish-American War: Shoop US History

The Vietnam War: Shmoop US History

The World Fact Book

Thematic Maps of World

Thirty Years a Slave HD

ThisDay - Today in History

Today in American History

Today in History

Top 10 Greatest Speeches

Underground Railroad Locator

U.S. Constitution and Facts

U.S. Historical Documents

U.S. Historical Documents PRO


US History

US History Quiz

US President

US Presidents - Cool Facts

US Presidents (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

US State Quizzle

US States (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

Westward Expansion

Westward - Wild West Frontier Simulation

World Atlas HD

World Book - This Day in History for iPAD

World Castles HD

World Flags (Match’Em Up History and Geography)

World History Documents

World History - Oxford Dictionary

World History Study Guide

World History Timeline

World History Trivia for The Factual Intellectual

World Religions Pocket Book

World War I: Shmoop US History

World War II: Shmoop US History

World War II, 1939 - 1945

World War II History Podcast Companion

WWII Posters - iPad Edition

WW2 Daily


Social Studies Podcasts (iTunes U)

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