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Unit 2 Day 1

3.1 Demand


Unit 2 Day 2 

3.2 Changes in Demand

Demand Shifts Handout

Unit 2 Day 3

No new notes


Unit 2 Day 4

3.3 Elasticity of Demand

Unit 1Test Tomorrow!

Unit 2 Day 5

4.1 Nature of Supply

Assignment after test
 pg 71
Do Practicing Skills 1-4 AND
Analyzing Primary Resource-all qst.
Check out this robo welding on a Toyota Camry!  Increased productivity over humans, but maybe not so good for unemployment rate:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82w_r2D1Ooo

Assessment/Going over the business plan and Supply Application

Notes Quiz and Video 


Watch Segment four of the movie from 30 minutes 30 seconds to about 40 minutes.
Question:  What supply determinant caused an increase in the supply of home loans?

Start Your Own Business Simulation Guidelines

Other helpful links:

Use the link below to explore franchise opportunities
Use the link below to explore lease/commercial space
Use the link below to calculate your loan payment

Unit 2 Day 6

4.2 Changes in Supply

Unit 2 Day 7

4.3 Product Decisions

Supply Shifts Exercise

Unit 2 Day 8

No New Notes

Last day to makeup Friday Quiz.

Unit 2 Day 9

5.1 Price System

QUIZ--Make it up by 9-15

Do page 107 1-5 Read notes.

5.2 Determining Prices

Do page 112 1-5 Read Notes

5.3 Notes

Supply and Demand Worksheet


Supply and Demand Wksht

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit 2 HW Verifications collected today!Unit test is Wednesday 9-22
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