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  • Parents and Community Members at Sossaman Middle School,

    The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority at Sossaman Middle School.  At 9:35am on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Sossaman Middle School conducted a school wide lockdown drill.  We practice various safety drills throughout the year to help our staff, students, and administration revisit and revise policies in the event of a true emergency.

    Our campus worked closely with local authorities and representatives from both the Gilbert Police Department as well as Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department to correctly implement safety procedures.  Upon finalization of student and staff accountability, we then evacuated to Phase II, which included a campus wide relocation to a common area with Higley Unified School District transporting individuals back to campus safely.  The end goal, while participating in emergency response drills throughout the school year, afford us the ability to improve the ability to protect students, save lives, and reduce injury.

    We are pleased with the outcome of today’s drill and feel reassured that our safety plans can be implemented effectively by our staff.  Additionally, we encourage you to talk with your son or daughter, if you deem appropriate, about the drill.  Our goal, while practicing important safety procedures, is to be sure all students feel safe.


    If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Administration.


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  • Pick up/Drop Off

    Thank you for your feedback and patience as Administration works through the safest and most efficient drop off and pick up routes. The parent survey requesting feedback revealed more than two-thirds of our responders were satisfied with the changes implemented in the morning.  The straight drive in allowed for a productive drop off as parents took advantage of available space in front of school.  Additionally, the opening of another gate provided a much needed access point for student entrance.  Beginning Wednesday, October 26th, Sossaman Middle School will officially implement the morning changes witnessed over the past week.  We ask that you continue to be aware of your surroundings as parents pull away from the preschool.  

    Please make note of the following points:

    • The gate to the front of school, located between the library and administration office, will be locked at 8am and not accessible during academic hours.
    • Cones currently in place will remain in place - please pull forward and utilize space as your student can enter through the opening by Zone 1 as well as the gym door by Zone 2.
    • Do not double park as it slows down the drop off and pick up for all parties involved.

    Our survey results for pick up revealed no significant like or dislike during dismissal. This leads Sossaman Administration to re-instate the cones for the afternoon therefor utilizing the turn-about through the preschool parking lot. Please note, the cones that were set up prior, along the front edge of administration, will remain and students should not be utilizing the front door of administration as an exit.Please make note of the following points:

    • The gate to the front of school, located between the library and administration office, will be locked at 8am and not accessible during academic hours.
    • Cones currently in place will remain in place - please pull forward and utilize the open space by both Zone 1 and Zone 2.
    • Do not double park - pull to the curb for pick up.

    Again, thank you for the feedback provided and patience extended this past week. Our end goal remains student safety while minimizing stress levels for community members.

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  • Click here to buy your Yearbook

    Buy Your Yearbook link to www.yearbookordercenter.com

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  • Spirit Gear

    Looking for some new Spartan Spirit Gear? Check out the website filled with fun sports wear and more!

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  • Weekly Update

    Did you receive our weekly email update? Make sure you are signed up to receive them, as this is the best way to stay informed.

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  • Student Pickup Policy

    Just as a reminder, per district policy, you should have a valid ID ready to show the front office for identification verification when picking up your child.

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  • Food services Information

    Did you know that every Higley student receives a cafeteria account upon enrollment? HUSD has chosen MealTime Online to provide the opportunity for you to make credit card deposits into your student’s cafeteria account or view your student’s purchase history via the internet.

    Would you like to link your student's meal accounts so they all draw from one fund? Any money deposited to a linked account can be used by all of the accounts linked to it, which means you only have to maintain one balance instead of several. Click here to link your children's meal accounts.

    Read more the food services options.

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  • Receive up to $400 in state Tax Credit
    Did you know that Arizona State Law enables you to receive a tax credit of up to $200 ($400 if married filing jointly) when you make a donation to our schools? These donations provide additional support and learning opportunities for our students. By donating to our "Undesignated" account you will be able to help us offer tutoring for students, build up our robotics program and provide more extracurricular activities for students.
    If you wish to make a donation, please click here for more information.
    Interested in more information about ECA tax credits?
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  • Notice Regarding Deliveries to Students

    This year you will see a change in our office policy regarding deliveries to students. In order to minimize the disruptions to instruction, we are restricting deliveries for students to items that are essential to the educational process.  Therefore, classes will not be interrupted for delivery of items.   Flowers, birthday items, pizza, etc. will not be accepted from businesses for delivery.  Restaurant deliveries are also not allowed.  

    Parents will need to wait for their student to be called to the office between classes to receive ANY item that has been brought for them by a parent or family member, including, but not limited to lunch money, homework, or PE clothing.  

    The front office will NOT be responsible for delivering items to s
    tudents.  We appreciate your understanding as we make this change for safety and fidelity to instruction. Thank you

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Welcome to Sossaman Middle School, Home of the Spartans. Sossaman Middle School has a state-of-the-art facility and educational community focused on building a strong foundation for each student’s secondary education. Sossaman Middle School is organized around an inter-disciplinary team of educators who provide a small and student-centered learning environment. We offer academically challenging courses in which students experience project-based learning in an enriched classroom with cutting-edge technology.
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